Why Invest

Why invest in your future with treasures from the past?

A well rounded portfolio includes a percentage of tangible assets to provide balance with other paper and digital investments. Some rely on ETF’s and hedge funds in lieu of physical ownership, but savvy investors understand the benefits to tangible possession. Rare coins and precious metals have long been the tangible investor’s vehicle of choice. It’s never been easier to buy rare coins and add a physical edge to any portfolio.

With advances in technology and their applications within our industry, certified rare coins have become a safe way to build wealth.

Over three decades ago industry standards were established through third party certification providing a universal standard for grading. Certified coins are individually sealed in a tamper-evident holder and come with a cash-back guarantee ensuring the accuracy of the grade assigned. And now with the internet’s assimilation of pricing data, there is a transparency in values, ensuring fair pricing. Combine this security with advances in digital photography and web design and you get a marketplace that provides accurate visual depictions, transparent pricing and the safety and guarantees that come with third party grading.

Certified rare coins are a portable and private store of value offering the flexibility to build wealth over time.

Private ownership of gold, silver and rare coins can protect one’s wealth from a fluctuating dollar and paper losses in the stock markets. While bullion provides this hedge against inflation, it’s bulky and daily market fluctuations affect the value. Rare coins can maintain premiums avoiding these daily trends. And unlike many other tangible assets, the purchase and sale of rare coins are private transactions and currently exempt from Federal reporting requirements. Rare coin values can be spread across a vast collection or concentrated on a few select rarities. This gives potential investors flexibility in price levels per item and unparalleled portability.

Rare coins provide a glimpse into a diverse American past.

Whether you build an advanced collection or purchase a few select items, each individual rare coin is an artful representation of America’s journey. Each series paints a picture of a colorful era, with its own struggles and triumphs often depicted in these gems we now cherish. The story behind the production and distribution of U.S. coinage is a timeline of U.S. economics. The design changes and obsolete denominations tell the story of more than two centuries of changing social mores and fluctuating political ideals. The diversity of color, metals and motifs provide a myriad of choices that will excite the inner nostalgia and aesthetic pining of the neophyte and advanced collector alike. No other item within the tangible asset class provides the added benefit of historical significance. The study of rare coins becomes a lesson in history and economics unlike other investments which prove little more than a jumble of numbers.

U.S. Coins provides fair and honest numismatic services.

In today’s turbulent times, investors are faced with a myriad of choices. The savvy understand the necessity of diversification adding depth and security as part of sound monetary strategies. Rare coins provide a safe portable wealth that is both private and free of maintenance fees and reporting. Over the past three decades U.S. Coins has built a vast industry network through fair and honest trading with representatives traveling to over 20 conventions annually. You can put this knowledge and experience to work for you with thousands of coins in inventory, a massive online selection, professional numismatists on staff, and a knowledgeable sales force to help you along the way. Contact us to find out how we can help you take the next step in numismatics.