About U.S. Coins

The U.S. Coins Story

U.S. Coins, a Houston firm, was founded in the early 1980’s by Richard Duncan Sr., a wholesale rare coin trader. Working primarily as a wholesaler, and attending more than 20 national coin shows and auctions yearly, “USC” grew into one of the nation’s leading rare coin companies.

USC handles private individuals and premier investment firms with unparalleled diligence. Over the years, USC has supplied the nation’s leading rare coins investment firms. We’ve helped these companies by providing marketing plans and inventories. We are able to offer premier collectors the highest quality coins, coupled with keen market insight, price conscious purchasing and the buying power of one of the nation’s largest rare coins wholesalers.

Our Experts

We work one-on-one with the collector/investor to build impressive portfolios and collections containing some of the world’s finest United States rarities. Selling only third-party graded coins and focusing on choice numismatics, USC is a haven for the learned collector and investor. Whether you are new to the numismatic arena or a life long collector, our qualified non-commissioned sales staff will provide you the security that comes with market insight, numismatic knowledge and purchasing power.

Products and Services

USC offers a wide variety of products and services. Whether you’re trying to sell a 1927-D Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, or purchase a common date Indian cent for your collection, USC can assist you. We currently have one of the largest selections of any dealer in the country. Because of the rapid turnover rate, we don’t post our entire inventory. Consequently, if you don’t see what you are looking for here, please ask.


For over 30 years, we’ve been intimately involved in the numismatics industry. As a leader in the wholesale market, we have built a network of collectors and dealers alike – and it is those relationships which give us our unique access to the great buyers… and sellers!


As one of the world’s more prominent wholesalers to the world’s more prominent dealers, we have worked diligently to build a reputation of quality and honesty. We carry that reputation into every transaction made.


Because we have direct access to those selling their coins, there is no “middle man” when you buy from us… and that means savings to you! Many of our customers find that even with our modest profit margin applied, our coins sell for much less than other dealers.