Want List Service

One of the great joys in coin collecting is finding that elusive coin and being able to obtain it at a fair price. We are committed to helping you assemble the coin collection of your dreams. We have unparalleled access to the finest known rare coins in the market. We take great pride in our service to you in this area. We will assist you in building your collection with eagerness and dedication that you won't find anywhere else.

Don't hesitate to call and talk with us regarding your want list, or just to discuss your portfolio. Many great coins are placed with clients before they arrive on this website, so please take advantage of this service in order to maximize your chances of finding that special coin.

Portfolio Advice

Take advantage of our keen insight into the rare coin market and our experienced numismatists. We have helped assemble some of the finest known pedigreed collections. Whether you need help in finding just that one coin to finish your set, or don't know what area of the market suits you, we are here to help you.

Although there are many intricacies within investment-grade numismatics, history has shown clearly that certain coins continually gain value over time. Coins like the 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar continue to appreciate despite other market factors. To us, the reasons why are clear. Allow us to share that insight with you and not only will you find great joy in the hobby, but possibly great profit, too.


There are many reasons why every collector should know the real market value of their coins. The reason of "wanting to sell them" is just one of many. Tracking the value of your holding for investment purposes or determining value for an insurace policy are others.

USCI will appraise your coins/collection for insurance purposes, estate probate, or a determination of assets. Please contact us regarding this service; in some cases there is no charge.

Our appraisal will also be a firm bid to purchase your collection. To us, it isn't worth anything unless there's a buyer waiting. We're always buying coins, no matter where the market are at this precise moment.

Our Goal is to Represent the Upper Eschelon

of Investment-Grade Numismatics.

Every coin we list for sale on this site meets our stringent requirements of a combination of scarcity, eye-appeal and long-term growth potential.

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