Over the years, one fact has held true: we always need to buy coins. No matter what the market is doing in the micro-moment, those who have made it their life's passion to assemble a collection always have room for one more. Moreover, many collectors aren't influenced by the same economic factors at the same time. So, while others sectors of the economy are lagging behind, there are coin buyers with the wherewithal and desire to continue expanding their portfolios.
         Because U.S. Coins has been a major wholesaler and retailer of rare coins, we understand both sides of the market. It's that perspective coupled with an intimate knowledge
and understanding of the industry which give us a distinct advantage over many other coin dealers offering to purchase your collection.
         U.S. Coins has multiple sales channels in which to use to move your coins into their next collectors' hands. Through traditional wholesale and retail channels to a substantial web presence to direct marketing to collectors, we have the venues to sell your collection.
         Call us today for a very confidential consultation. We will answer your questions and help you get down to the business of liquidating your holdings. And, we'll pay a fair price, too.
There's no risk. There's no pressure.
We're certain that you'll agree that we're aggressively bidding on coins and truly want
to offer you more and put the money in your hands faster.